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I want to give my friend Peter a shout out. He’s a student at Texas State University studying Anthropology. He gets very excited when I ask how school is going and loves telling me all the fun facts he’s learning. He’s definitely not your average student. Not jut because he shows enthusiasm when talking about school but also because he made Dean’s List.


Peter has been a huge help to our business for a few years now. He mainly helps us out in the summer since he’s so busy with school during the semester. This summer he has been undergoing mouth surgery so he can’t help as much. He is also going to Belize in July for the ST GEORGE’S CAYE ARCHAEOLOGY PROJECT.

Peter is very courteous to everyone and has never complained about anything. I feel compelled to start a go fund me account for Peter’s trip this summer. Each time I’ve mentioned doing it he gets kind of shy but today he gave me his permission as well as a big hug. Thank you for your time! Your support would mean so much to him!

Here’s the link to the Go Fund Me Campaign I made for Peter


yelpWe clean windows for lots of occasions: weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, holidays, lots of realtors selling houses etc. My favorite occasion is the one where the husband just wants to make his wife happy.

What a pleasant environment to work in. There’s no financial motives to gain, just the pure joy of having a beautiful house with beautiful windows, and a happy wife.

Since my wife and I work together, this atmosphere has a positive effect on our relationship. I’m always inspired to likewise do something nice for my wife, especially after she worked so hard cleaning windows!

On the other hand I’ve washed windows while the ‘gentle’man screamed profanities at his “lover” and proceeded to hit her with a rolled up newspaper. That was very unpleasant 😦

So, husbands love your wives, tell them you love them and show them. Wash your windows, or have us do it 🙂


We just finished cleaning a woman’s home in Buda that was so nice! She even gave us a clipping of her Christmas Cactus to replant.

She found us in the community impact paper and used our $25 off coupon. Even though we specify $25 off a complete clean, we don’t enforce it. We were happy to clean (and not clean) whichever windows she wanted. This woman actually tried buying a window cleaning groupon but the guys never showed. That’s because Groupon wants to sell as many coupons as possible. They make money on each one so the more they sell the more they make. BUT, the more they sell, the more jobs the window cleaner has to do, which is nice, UNLESS they can’t keep up with the demand. Either they will fly through the job in an UN-thorough manner or will not show up. Or they’ll hire cheap labor to get it done. After Groupon takes their cut off an already ridiculously discounted price (usually around 50%), Groupon then takes another 50% for their cut, leaving the window cleaner with 25% of their normal income. You get what you pay for, unless the window cleaner’s getting even less!

Spring has sprung and everyone is making their spring cleaning checklists. We’ve noticed that people who get their windows cleaned first get more light into their rooms and can therefore clean more efficiently. Those little dust bunnies can’t hide anymore! As a result, we’ve been asked to help dust, and mop and clean things other than windows. We’re more than happy to help, just ask us 🙂

We also have a $25 off coupon in the community impact and yelp. We might as well post it on our blog too. So there it is, no reason to postpone getting your windows cleaned. We also offer %10 of your next clean when you refer a friend. On top of that, we will take off another %10 when you get your windows cleaned on a regular schedule (at least once a year). On top of that, we’re friendlier, cheaper, and of course cleaner than anyone!

Why Windows?

A better question might be, why blog about windows? Can it be that interesting? If you’ve clicked on this post and read this far then you sound interested so here we go.

Why Blog?

Many of our customers tell us that they liked that our website was personal. They felt like they knew us before we even came over. Once we finally meet, we have something to talk about so we take time getting to know each other. Cleaning windows is personal after all. We’re in people’s personal space, meaning every room in the house. A lot of times their family is there too. A lot of times no one is there and they leave a key. That is why being personal is important in this line of business. It seems that a blog will make our business even more personal so here we go.

Why Windows?

We get asked this question a lot since my wife and I both have college degrees. Something I am learning everyday is that I really love my wife and could care less about making lots of money. We love spending time together and cleaning windows together gives us more opportunities to do so. We like the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment. We also enjoy being our own boss and using our flexibility to be involved in the community. 

In the end, what makes window cleaning so interesting is meeting so many interesting people and being part of their lives. The inspiration for this blog came from an older couple that was so interested in us they invited us over for dinner. We had cleaned their windows, then got called back to clean and seal their deck and hang Christmas lights. Each time we got served tea and hung around to talk after completing the job. They said we were special and wanted to cook us dinner. We were really hungry and the food was really good. That made it all so worth it!